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Guard Card Course

Step 1:
Take the CA state required Guard Card Class

In the first step, you need purchase and complete the 8-hour CA State Required Power to Arrest and Weapons of Mass Destruction training course. On our website, it's called the Guard Card Class. To do that:

  1. Purchase the 8-HOUR GUARD CARD COURSE

  2. Follow the simple on screen instructions to create a training account on our website.

  3. Continue to the Online Payments page, click Pay Now and pay the course fee. 

  4. Complete the online course on our website.

  5. Email after completing the online course to obtain your training certificate.


Step 2:
Get Fingerprinted and a Live Scan Location

In the second step, you need to get fingerprinted by Live Scan. To do that:

  1. Print the Security Guard Live Scan form from the BSIS: CLICK HERE

  2. Find a Live Scan location in your area. To find the nearest UPS Store CLICK HERE

  3. Complete first copy of the form. Fill out only the information about yourself.

COST: $70


Step 3:
Complete the CA State Security Guard Application

  1. In the third and final step, you need to submit the CA State BSIS Security Guard application online on the website.

  2. Click the link under New User at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Login than select "Start a New Application".

  4. Then select "Bureau of Security and Investigative Services" from the list that appears.

  5. Then select "Initial Security Guard Registration" then just follow the online instructions to fill out the form info as requested. (Some of the information that they request is on the email we sent you for the certificate.)

COST: $55

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